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The Scottish Highlands: Wild, Rugged & Very Addictive

Scotland has to be one of the most picturesque countries for a landscape photographer to visit. Scotland is just one of those places I want to keep going back to time and time again.



Scotland 2009

My first trip ever to Scotland and I was so excited to see how life and the scenery differs up there in comparison to the far south of England where I come from.

Scotland 2011

My second trip was to be a repeated trip to the West Highlands as I just enjoyed it so much and there is so much to discover there.

Scotland 2013

The Highlands of Scotland are developing into a habit it seems. This time I even convinced my wife to accompany me.


Did You Know?


Kilts, tartans and bagpipes aren’t Scottish inventions. Kilts originated in Ireland. Tartans were found in Bronze-age or Iron-age Central Europe (Hallstatt culture) and Central Asia (Tocharian culture). Bagpipes might also be an ancient invention from Central Asia.

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