Still Life & Macro

Photographic Portfolio

As opposed to providing the viewer with landscape & panoramic views I also pride myself in visualizing the other extreme, using macro photography. If you look closely there are innumerable photographic possibilities in the world of miniature that are just as fascinating as the world at full size.

Still Life & Macro Indoors

I love building sets, getting lost in fine details & retouching my own Still life attempts of everyday objects.

Usually in the winter months I tend to get more creative indoors due to the extreme temperatures, effort & expenditure by trying my hand at Product Photography.



Still Life & Macro Outdoors

Nature in detail. Anything from animals to insects, flora, fauna, textures or abstract patterns to name but a few.

What you can do indoors you can practice outdoors. You just have to take a stroll in the park or through the woods & try to observe, analyze everything you see & I guarantee that every one of you will find a wealth of interesting subject matter be it recognizable or more extract.


Did You Know?

The Nile with it’s 6671 Kilometer Length is the longest river on earth. The Amazon on the other hand had to do with second place with „just” 6438 Kilometers. An impressive world record is held by the south American Strom with the unbelievable mass of water that it transports: When it flows into the ocean on the Brazilian Atlantic coast a staggering 209.000 cubic meters of  Water flows per Second. It is no wonder that the tropical rain forest basin of the Amazon is one of the  wettest regions of the world.

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