Panoramas & Time-lapse

Covering A Wider Spectrum Of Time

During a shoot I try to get a couple of panoramas in as they bring a dynamic of their own, presenting a wealth of detail that no single shot can achieve. Time-lapse photography on the other hand is an area that demands patience with a result that can be awe inspiring.


Widening The Horizon

My name is Doug Stevens, I am an English Digital Artist living for over 30 years in Germany working in advertising. I have travelled quite extensively in this time throughout Europe, almost always with a camera at hand but it wasn’t until I took on a job in Munich near the German Alps 12 years ago that I became almost obsessed with getting out at the weekends to shoot the beauty of the  Bavarian landscape with my first DSLR, the Nikon D100.

My fate has been sealed since then it seems & I would go anywhere finances permitting to pursue my passion to explore the beauty of our unique planet be it in remote locations or in the middle of a bustling city. I can’t imagine I shall ever get bored with this & hope in the coming years to keep you posted with more inspiring photography, Stay tuned & enjoy.



Capturing Life At Speed

I am no exception being brought up in a European democracy. Democracy offers us the freedom of speech & the possibility to earn as much as we want in turn enabling us to realise a dream here & there. The problem is though that these dreams have overtaken our senses to the extent that we are being constantly manipulated by industrial concerns to buy “Stuff”.

The consequence is that our planet is suffering considerably due to our consumption. We need to strike a balance between that what we would like & that what we really need. Unfortunately we seem to make the same mistakes as past generations before realizing that there are more important things in life than to possess the latest trends on the market.


Did You Know?

If you thought that the largest area of forest in the world would be in the tropics, you would be wrong. The Boreal forests in the far north are almost four times as large as those of the tropical forests in the Amazon Basin. The spruce and pine forests of the Taiga comprise of about 15 million square kilometers – representing about 30 percent of the total forest area on earth.

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