Panoramas & Time-lapse

Covering A Wider Spectrum Of Time

obviously being an avid outdoor photographer I get to see some pretty awesome views be they in the countryside, on the coast, in the mountains or in a city. During a shoot I try to get a couple of panoramas in too as they have a dynamic of their own, presenting a wealth of detail that no single shot can achieve. Time-lapse photography on the other hand is also an area that is slowly growing on me.




Did You Know?

If you thought that the largest area of forest in the world would be in the tropics, you would be wrong. The Boreal forests in the far north are almost four times as large as those of the tropical forests in the Amazon Basin. The spruce and pine forests of the Taiga comprise of about 15 million square kilometers – representing about 30 percent of the total forest area on earth.

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