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Who I Am, What I Do & Why I Do It

Writing a biography of ones own life for others to read is not as easy as one may think. What does the reader really want to know? Well, personally I like to take an interest not only in someone’s work when a portfolio catches my eye I also try to envisage the personality behind the camera to get a better understanding of his or her passion, creative drive & motivation.


Douglas Stevens,

Digital Artist & Photographer

Hello & welcome to my photographic portfolio.

     Born in the heart of England, on the borders between Cambridgeshire & Oxfordshire we moved shortly after my birth to the sunny south-west to Cornwall where I spent the rest of my school & college days.

     Cornwall is a beautiful region to grow up in & my love of all things connected to nature, particularly landscapes & the sea are influenced by this environment that I grew up in. After graduating in 1986 I moved to the busy city of Frankfurt in central Germany, a far cry from the wild, romantic ocean with its tides, storms, fresh air & undisturbed horizon. Frankfurt is a typical city with lots of noise, people & fast living.

     I arrived without being able to speak any German whatsoever & it took quite some time before I could feel comfortable with the language but my job on the other hand was very rewarding, so much so that after a year I decided to stay indefinitely. A couple of years later I met a beautiful German girl & started enjoying a settled life again.

     Thirty years on & a few grey hairs later I am still in Germany but further south in Munich, Bavaria where my love of the big outdoors has been rekindled with the close proximity to the Bavarian Alps. Landscape photography has become a real passion since then, I enjoy shooting panoramas especially & have recently started experimenting with drone photography which has turned out to be great fun. Other areas of photography that interest me include Macro, Still-Life & a few Portraits here and there. My job as digital artist makes the processing part of my hobby even more enjoyable.

     There are just so many beautiful places to see on our planet that one life is far too short to experience all of them. I take the privilege to venture off now & again for a couple of weeks of the year to capture new destinations & experiences in a photographic form, to savor & to share them with others who too appreciate the timeless wonders of our planet.

     What are my plans for the future? More travelling that’s for sure. Trips to Norway, Greenland & a return visit to Iceland are definitely on the cards in the coming years. Further afield, New York, Singapore & Hong Kong are tickling my fancy too. More ambitious projects would include touring New Zealand, India, Patagonia & Canada, a cruise down to the Antarctic, a trekking tour to the Himalayas, maybe even a safari in Africa. I’m sure that I won’t be able to fit in all of these trips but the one or other dream will hopefully become reality.

     With my website I would like to present the world to you as I see it through the viewfinder, thus the name of the website: “Photoviewz, Life Through A Lens”.  I Often get asked more about my choice of equipment rather than the content of my images, I find this rather sad as I see photography is a form of visual communication that starts with ones own creative fantasy, whether this expressive art-form is shot with a mobile phone, compact camera or an expensive DSLR, isn’t of great importance.

     Too much is discussed about equipment, unfortunately photography has become a real nerd sport. Just have a look through the web at any of the many photographic forums & you will soon see what I mean. Of course technical quality is of importance, especially if selling images for a living but the creation of stunning imagery should be the first priority.

     Many never get to shoot a decent picture through spending too much time, money & effort looking for perfect equipment that will then produce the “perfect” result. Cameras don’t make photographers, good imagery make good photographers. Photography is about capturing moments in time & not about name dropping of preferred brands. Although noisy and blurred images are often the main topics that disturb nerds, what disturbs me more often are technically perfect shot pictures, but without a trace of creativity, a lack of composition, no message or without a trace of emotion behind it.

     Anyone interested in photography should just get out there with whatever equipment they have & practice, practice makes perfect as they say. Take your creativity to the limits, learning to see the world with attentive, focussed eyes is what makes photography so exhilarating. It’s definitely more fun than being a nerd, that’s for sure ;-)


Did You Know?


“Goddess of the universe” Is the name given to Mount Everest in Tibetan. High above the clouds, 8.850 Meter above sea level stands the summit of the worlds highest peak. Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze, is with its 2.962 Meter a midget in comparison. Mount Everest is one of 14 mountains that belongs to the “8000er” – all of which belong to the Himalayan range. Yearly Mount Everest grows a further five Millimeters due to the fact that the Himalaya is still a comparatively young and geologically active mountain range. The first successful ascent was that of New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay in 1953. In the meantime the summit has been conquered over  3000 times.

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