"A Picture Can Say More Than A Thousand Words"

I have rounded up a selection of topics that interest most of us when we browse through another photographers work. Some questions may be of a more technical nature, others may be more of a philosophical nature & hopefully many on a creative level.

“T” for Thoughts

Themes covering creative ideas to motivation, planning a trip, some dreams here and there plus the odd nightmare.

“T” for Tools

Issues covering equipment, be they of a photographic, hard or software nature.

“T” for Travel

There is so much to see, do & experience, the fascination & list of possibilities never ends.

“T” for Tutorials

How do I achieve the results I do? What workflow do I employ? Which techniques am I using behind the camera & in front of the monitor?


Did You Know?

Do you know how the word, ‘blog’ was conceived? It’s a combination of two words – web and log. The term was first used and made popular by Jorn Barger, an American blogger. In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet. alone has over 60 million of them. Every half a second, a new blog is created.

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