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English Garden


The English Garden is practically the Munich folk their city garden. The park is a popular place for chilling out at the weekend with its own beer garden, lakes & a river where surfers can ride an artificial wave.

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Japanese Tea House

Schwabinger Stream Bridge


"The Wave" Eisbach

Chinese Tower

Seehaus Beer Garden & Restaurant


Colour Gallery

The English Garden, stretching from the city centre to the northeastern city boundary was created in 1789 for Prince Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria. With an area of approximately 3.7 sq km (1.4 sq mi) the park is one of Europe’s largest. It is actually a little larger than the Central Park in New York. The name “English” refers to an informal landscaping form popular in England from the mid 18th to the early 19th century & particularly associated with Capability Brown, known as “England’s greatest gardener”.

Today, the Englischer Garten is a welcome change from the busy streets of Munich’s inner city & offers a number of good walks & attractions including a boating lake, a Chinese Pagoda which serves as one of Munich’s most popular beer gardens, a beautiful wide waterfall called the Eisbach (Ice Stream), a Japanese tea house, a A monopteros & an artificial wave where surfers can test their wits against the wild torrent of the River Isar.


The ‘Icey Stream’ is an artificial waterway distributing ice melt water from the Isar River originating from the Karwendel mountains in Austrian Tyrol.


Modelled after the ‘Great Pagoda’from Kew Gardens in London by architect Manfred Frey in 1789-1790 the 25 m high wooden tower had to be rebuilt in 1951 due to heavy bombing in 1944. With a seating capacity for 7000 people the Chinesischer Turm is Munich’s second biggest beer garden.


Originally there was a wooden temple built nearby that had fallen into disrepair so that Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell the then chief landscape gardener approached Leo von Klenze to build something of more substance & so in 1836 the ten columned monopteros supporting a shallow copper covered dome.


The monopteros in the English Garden is a similar construction to the one standing in Nymphenburg Park to Munich’s north west. The hilltop temple was designed by Leo von Klenze & built upon a 15 m elevated hill consisting of rubble leftover from the construction of the Residenz Palace.


A young couple have found the ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. It is one of the prettiest spots in the inner city & a good place to sit & relax with a loved one.


Same leaf, different composition & as a macro study.


A single leaf has found a temporary resting place on a rock lining the Eisbach before being blown further on its ending life cycle.


Whether it be the Nymphenburg Park or English Garden Autumn is definitely my favourite season to get out & about. The sun is still present but the air is dry & cool & the foliage colouring just spectacular.


I often don’t get any further than this part of the English Garden as I always enjoy the sound & movement of the water pouring over the cascade edge, becoming frothy before squeezing its way past numerous moss covered rocks in front of the falls before meandering further through the park.


My favourite spot in the English Garden just has to be the low but wide waterfall of the Eisbach.


To the right of the Haus Der Kunst Museum on the southern edge of the English Garden is the Eisbachwelle (ice stream wave). Here, especially in the Summer months at the weekends when the water not so cold is you will normally see a crowd gathered on a bridge on the Prinzregentenstrasse overlooking the artificial wave where young budding surfers take to the water to show what they can do.


A bitter cold day at the Eisbach. The weather is not just cold but grey & overcast. The rush of water makes the zemperature a further couple of degrees colder. I won’t be holding out much longer, soon it’ll be dark & my hands & feet are noticing the cold.


In a few moments the sun will disappear once more leaving the English Garden in a cold, dark, silent piece of nature until tomorrow at dawn when the first birdsong, joggers & dog owners start to bring the park back to life as the sun rises again.


When the leaves fall from the trees in Autumn then a wooded area looks so naked but as soon as snow lies between the trees & receives light from the sun THEN the wooded area looks open & naked.


As soon as a blue sky appears & the sun comes out to place everything into a more contrasty, warmer light then it is time to get the boots on, wrap up warm & stretch the legs in the English Garden taking in the sporting activity at the Monopteros where many families teach their kids to use a sledge for the first time.


In summer the foliage is so dense behind the Eisbach that no one would know that the Haus Der Kunst (House of Art) built as the first structure of Nazi architecture & propaganda between 1933 & 1937 stands in the background. For good reason in my opinion as I find it an ugly, cold structure.


The sun is sinking quickly, just as the temperature also, some 2°C in the past 10 minutes. In another 10 minutes it will be almost dark. My hands are so cold I can holdy feel the camera controls, it’s time to head off home.


The English Garden is, to be honest not my favourite spot in Munich due to the mass invasion of tourists all year round. Now & again though it makes a change & on such a beautiful snowy day like today is still worth taking a few shots.


In winter when the sun has the strength to break through the clouds where snow lies on the mountain slopes it melts a lot of snow which in turn fills the rivers below bringing quite a flood of icey water all the way to Munich & beyond.


A beautiful sunny afternoon in the English Garden, just the thing after all that grey, drab, typical new year weather.

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Did You Know?

In one of the artificial streams flowing through the Englischer Garten there is a wave produced by water that flows from the melted ice water from the river Isar. Surfers line up along the bank taking turns to enter the water with their boards. After a minute or so, successful surfers will voluntarily drop out returning to the end of the line allowing the next person in line an opportunity.

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