Icelandic Winter


Sunshine, spectacular scenery shrouded in snow, ferocious winds, blizzards plus a freak wave that took one of my cameras as victim, a few of the highs & lows of an adventure packed Icelandic winter trip.

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My second trip to Iceland was quite an adventure and I must admit that as I flew over the southern coast, descending to Keflavik Airport I was a little apprehensive to driving in the amount of snow I was witnessing through the plane window. Who the hell is daft enough to want to go to Iceland in the middle of Winter? Well from what some say I apparently do seem to have a distinctive desire for such extremities. Strange really, I like warm destinations as most others too and would rather sweat my wotsits off than freeze them off but the rugged, snow covered landscape of Iceland never ceases to capture my imagination. It was a challenge I just couldn’t resist.

I had 10 days to document as much as possible weather permitting and that was my biggest concern. Iceland is well known for it’s ever and rapidly changing weather conditions and is certainly one of the main reasons for landscape photographers to go there but a main concern is the amount of time you could spend sitting around waiting for the rain to cease, the fog to lift or even worse still sit out a snow storm slowly being buried in your car.

I was quite lucky considering the locations and season but I also had a couple of hairy encounters with blizzards and storm force winds that literally took my breath away. On the odd occasion I couldn’t open the door of my car or see anything through the camera due to streams of tears obscuring my view caused by the gale force winds. It was an experience that I will never forget and I am glad to report that I have some pictures that I can be proud of.

Vatnajökull Glacier: The Largest Glacier in Europe









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Up to the present day Iceland’s volcanic past is just as unpredictable as it ever was, a phenomena that earns due respect, an island born and ever growing out of ice and fire.

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