Mixed Bag

Photographic Portfolio

As I am always on the look out for new photographic challenges I do shoot a broad spectrum of material & although my main emphasis lie in the areas of landscape & nature I do collect quite a considerable amount of material covering other topics also.

The Art Of Graffiti

A colourful world of self expression, a generation of sprayers advertising their art on walls and just about anything else they can get away with.

I wasn’t always a fan of aerosol art but these days although older I respect anyone who has the talent to illustrate an idea or in a visually artistic form so long it is carried out with permission in the correct place, otherwise one has to condemn unlawful spraying of property as vandalism which is a shame as I find Graffiti is an analogue art form to be taken seriously among the mass produced Digital works of today.



As an avid flyer & cloud fetishist I am always thrilled to have a window seat when flying anywhere especially if I have access to my camera.

Sometimes I’m lucky, sometimes I have the right seat but no camera, other times I’m probably on the wrong plane flying to the wrong destination. Often I’m sitting in an aisle seat or the sunny side is opposite where all seats are taken but now & again everything is perfect & I get the one or other nice shot although technically imperfect due to thick plastic glass or sun flares etc.

Architecture Classic & Modern

All things concerning architecture, old & new, from exteriors to interiors and the odd detail here and there.




Man & Machine

The world has become extremely small due to the automobile, locomotive, ship and airplane & it is getting smaller by the second.

People & Events

People, candid street views or even the odd portrait shooting, not to mention the numerous social events throughout the year.





Did You Know?

Devils Garden is an area of Arches National Park in the US state of Utah in which the longest natural arch in the world is to be found: Measuring 93 Meter in width the imposing Landscape Arch.  The rock layers that were deposited here 150 million years ago were formed and washed out in the course of thousands of years of wind and weather erosion. What was initially only a small hole in the sandstone has in the course of time become an imposing rock arch.

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