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Iconic Mountain Landscapes

Since visiting the Dolomites way back in 2010 for the first time I must admit that my enthusiasm to venture down from Munich into the Bavarian alps has lost a little of its glamour as nothing can compare to the geological splendour of this mountainous region in South Tyrol.


Sexten Dolomites 2010

An amazing landscape just waiting to be explored with some of the best trekking possibilities worldwide. I knew that this was to be a favourite landscaping destination.

Sexten Dolomites 2017

It has taken me almost seven years to repeat a visit to the Dolomites, I should be ashamed of myself as this really is a must see region with out of this world beauty, an absolute Mecca for us photographers.

Did You Know?

The light grey rocks of the Dolomites are mostly sedimentary rock, such as limestone, as well as dolomite, which the mountains are named after, and the area is renowned for its quantity and quality of fossil reef specimens.

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