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A Landscape Full Of Unlimited Possibilities

If it wasn’t for my fascination for all things nature & a passion for shooting pictures I probably would never have come to the idea of flying over the pond but I have been over twice now & wish that I had taken the chance a lot sooner as America has so much to offer for the traveller & photographer alike.



USA South West 2012

My first visit to the USA took me on a 5000 kilometer/3100 mile road trip on the classic route from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, around to Arches National Park and back over Bryce Canyon to Zion with countless stops along the way on this most beautiful, jaw dropping part of our planet.

USA North West 2014

I have always been fascinated by volcanoes, the planet has been formed and reformed countless times in its history & will dictate the future of mankind further in the future. In the States of Washington and Oregon there are some impressive examples of volcanoes like Mount Hood, Mount Adam, Mount Rainier and the legendary Mount St. Helens that erupted just 30 years ago.


Did You Know?

The deepest lake in the U.S. is Crater Lake located in Oregon. At 1,932 feet (589 m) it is the world’s seventh deepest lake. Crater Lake was formed via snowmelt and precipitation that gathered in a crater created when an ancient volcano, Mount Mazama, erupted about 8,000 years ago.

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