"Life Through A Lens"

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I enjoy the freedom of experiment & try my luck in many areas of photography from landscapes & cityscapes, nature & wildlife to time-lapse & panoramas. So diverse are my interests & so diverse is my portfolio that I would like to share with you here in the following categories.

Travel & Landscape

Travel is probably the main reason I took up photography in the first place. It’s a luxury I wouldn’t want to do without.

I came to photography through travel & not vice versus meaning that I have seen quite a bit more in the past 45 years than I have captured with digital equipment in the past 10 years. The combination suits me as I enjoy setting up my tripod somewhere at times where most people are either still in bed or on their way home before it gets dark. During the day you need more luck with lighting situations.



Town & City

Most of us earn our daily bread by working & living in a town or city thus such settlements have built up over centuries of time developing into the beehives & melting pots of mankind.

Inevitably throughout my travels I get to see the odd metropole here & there be it passing through to some natural landmark or purposely travelling to towns & cities that interest me due to their history, impressive architecture or social events. Especially in the evening I like to venture out into the bright lights shooting material that looks a little more interesting than during the day.

Wildlife & Nature

We only have the one planet & a duty to keep it in tact for following generations but we seem to be struggling, losing the fine balance between need & greed. I hope that my pictures aren’ t going to be a reference for the past but the hope for the future.

The world has become a very technically minded, consumer oriented place leaving little time for the natural things in life. Indeed many are so involved with themselves that they don’t even realize how beautiful & diverse our environment is or to what extent we are all damaging our planet.



Still-Life & Macro

As a student I had to do pencil studies of household articles such as a hoover or studies of a collection of fruits or flowers where I could get lost in the details & this fascination pervales even today.

Not only the big outdoors is where I feel at home but also in the small outdoors of the garden or indoors where I like to try my hand at many things Still-life & delve into the fascinating detailed world of macro photography.

Panorama & Time-lapse

Panoramic photography enables me to grab that little bit more. Time-lapse on the other hand is where I let the camera do the work capturing life passing by.

When out & about I tend to shoot quite a bit of material & among the masses of single shots I try (when I remember) to shoot some panoramas too. The size of the Panorama material varies immensely depending on my choice of lens & crop leading to varied resolutions ranging from 10-60000 pixel formats.



Mixed Bag

A Potpourrie of imagery shot coincidentally when on the lookout for different subjects, material that involves more social contact plus a few experiments along the way.

As you can well imagine from the categories above that I have my specific interests that take up a lot of my time but where the opportunity arises I shoot other subjects that grab my attention. Here you will find examples of other photographic genres that grab my interest occasionally.


Did You Know?

It is hard to imagine an area where there are no rivers. As a country Saudi Arabia is in its own class as it literally does not have a single river. If you are travelling here, yachting is obviously out of the question. Saudi Arabia is still a beautiful country to visit; just be prepared to swim in a man made pool instead of a river.

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