The Rugged Highlands

Since 2009 I have had the privilege of visiting Scotland three times. On all three occasions I couldn’t resist the ruggedness of the the West Highlands and the isle of Skye. This doesn’t mean that the east side of Scotland is of little interest, on the contrary, from what I saw on the way back to Edinburgh from Culloden on my last trip I am pretty sure that I will take a trip specially devoted to this region steeped in history and a stunning scenery albeit tame in contrast to the Highlands. My heart lies in the Highlands though. Landscape photographers like myself love the extremities offered by the natural elements, a mandatory ingredient for capturing those special moments and Scotland has these qualities in abundance. 

Light Fantastic

The weather is unpredictable not meaning that unpredictable weather is bad as many would presume but due to the rapid changing conditions. Between sunny periods the odd storm can suddenly break out producing some extraordinary light and cloud formations, top ingredients for good pictures. Additionally, a rugged coastline that gets more rugged the further north you drive. Then there are the many Lochs, mountains, castles, solitary trees standing in the middle of nowhere plus numerous derelict farmhouses scattered throughout the lcountryside. These are just a few of the endless photographic possibilities. After a good days hiking a warming Scotch at the local pub with a real coal fire, friendly banter with the locals.

Highlights Of My Trips


A nostalgic city, full of charm. All the main attractions are within walkable distance of the railway station. These include: The Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle, The National Gallery of Scotland, shopping in Princes Street or just enjoying the view from Calton Hill overlooking the town.

The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is beautiful and should be on all photographers bucket list.

The West Highland coast

The rugged coastline is ever changing as is the weather which can make for exceptional pictures, but be prepared to get wet from rain and waves and battered by prevailing winds.


Isle Of Skye

West Highland Coast

  • Photographic Interest 100%
  • Weather 80%
  • Hospitality 90%
  • Sightseeing 100%
  • Fun Factor 90%
  • Repeat Visit 100%

Can't Wait For The Next Trip

Many don’t risk a visit to Scotland due to the prospect of continuous rain and gales and this is understandable if you are looking to get a sun tan but those of you who do take the plunge braving the elements will be rewarded time and time again with some amazing experiences you can be assured of that. Being regarded as a more than average moist region has other benefits, for instance lush green vegetation, forests, waterfalls and when it does decide to rain then there are some very impressive castles, country manors, museums and tea houses to enjoy, not to forget the larger towns.

Landscaping Scotland

Visit my portfolio of images that I have collected over the past three trips to Scotland including many coastal and rural themes.


Did You Know?

Famous for its rugged beauty, the Highlands are unsuitable for farming and since the 18th century has suffered a steady decline in its population, partly due to the failure of the Jacobite rebellions. Today, Crofting, fishing, whiskey distillation and tourism are the main sources of income.

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