Anecdotes & Background Information From Various Trips.

The following is a chronicle of places I have visited & documented with word & picture in recent years with the hope at least of giving a little insight into some of the more interesting locations I have had on my bucket list.

Iceland, A Wilderness In Danger

Is the volcanic island in the North Atlantic sacrificing its nature for cash?

Dubai, A City Built On Sand

The boom town of superlatives on the Persian Gulf.

Life After Death Valley

It’s dry, it’s hot, it’s barren & it’s stunningly beautiful.

Daily Life In Munich

Beer, boutiques BMW & Bayern Munich.

Hamburg Harbour Festival 2016

Celebrating the world’s largest marine festival on the Elbe.

Lost In Venice

Four days of crowded streets & four nights of spiritual bliss.

Scotland The Brave

A nature paradise for all outdoor lovers & photographers alike.


Did You Know?

Those who travel tend to have a longer life expectancy. Whether local or global, all forms of travel enhances our lives & can actually increase our life expectancy. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out & boosts brain health. This adds up to an increased chance of living longer & to having more fun doing it.

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