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Articles On A More Philosophical Note Concerning A Life Full Of Pictures

In this blogroll I would like to touch on some various topics concerning things like planning a trip, motivation, the odd dream here & there plus the odd nightmare connected to my photographic activities in general.



That’s A Nice Pic, What’s For Dinner Love?

That’s A Nice Pic, What’s For Dinner Love?      Have you ever noticed how little time people have these days to concentrate on one thing for more than 5 seconds? One of the negative aspects of the High-Tech world we live in I take it. With the constant...

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What To Do On A Rainy Sunday

What To Do On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon        After a real up and down summer this year (more down than up unfortunately) it’s come to a point where the leaves have started to fall, the daylight hours are diminishing and the weekend is rained out yet again....

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Turning Pro, A Pipe Dream?

Turning Pro, A Pipe Dream?       Many have asked me recently why I don’t turn professional as my photos seem to be finding a certain amount of  interest amongst viewers on the Web these days. The answer is quite simple, as soon as something you enjoy pursuing in...

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A Trip To The City

A Trip To The City      The weather has been pretty crappy recently with everyone complaining that especially at the weekend the chances of getting out and about in the sun were near to impossible, this weekend being no exception. Yesterday started cloudy in the...

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Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots        I left my home town of Camborne in the year of 1986 after finishing my studies at the local Technical College to start my first job as an Illustrator in Frankfurt. The main reason for leaving England was because of the lack of job...

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It Always Rains in England :-)))

It Always Rains In England      Of course being English, living in Germany I often, well almost every day get my leg pulled about how bad our weather is. It’s no wonder, Baker Street in the old Sherlock Holmes films was always foggy,  every Englishman has more...

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Looking For Something New

Looking For Something New      Not a great deal going on lately due to me fracturing a toe after falling from a rather slippery Elgol boulder on the Isle of Skye in Scotland last month. To be honest, it’s driving me mad not being as mobile as I’m used to....

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The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle has Landed      At long last I have a quiet moment to gather my thoughts about my trip to Scotland. It was an intensive course in getting to grips with being completely alone again for two weeks just doing my own thing and although being just what I wanted I...

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Hey Ho, Here We Go!

     In 24 hours from now I’ll be on my way to Franz-Josef-Strauss airport to the north east of Munich to catch my flight to Edinburgh, estimated time of arrival around 16:40 local time. From there its off to the highlands with a rented car for a 2 week visual...

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