"T" For Tools

Software, Hardware & Workflow Solutions

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with every technological advance made in the equipment sector & especially in the software sector of the digital darkroom. I would like to highlight some of the more practical solutions I use in my daily workflow.

The Digislider Has Arrived!

  The Digislider Has Arrived! 13   MAY, 2013 The latest trend in Time-lapse photography is to have the camera in motion while shooting. To accomplish this the camera needs to be mounted on a track for a perfect linear motion moved using a pulley system connected to a...

Not To Be Underestimated, The Price Of Travel Photography

  Not To Be Underestimated, The Price Of Travel Photography 19   JANUARY, 2013 He who wants the best quality photographic results has to endure lugging a big rucksack or case around full of a that essential equipment. I do try to reduce the weight wherever possible...

Is That A D700?

  Is That A D700? 17   FEBRUARY, 2011 Photography can be a very expensive pastime especially if you always want to have the best equipment available. I have no gripes with that but where it tends to nerve me is when people are convinced that expensive kit...

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