“T” For Tools

Software, Hardware & Workflow Solutions That Make My Life Easier

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with every technological advance made in the equipment sector & especially in the software world of the digital darkroom. Here I would like to highlight some of the more practical solutions I use in my own personal workflow.



The Digislider Has Arrived!

The Digislider Has Arrived!      At long last I have acquired a piece of equipment that I have been yearning to buy for quite a while now. Having experimented a little more recently with Timelapse Photography I realised that without a slider a little bit of dynamic is...

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Is That A D700?

Is That A D700?        It is indeed. Why is it that so many people are interested more which brand the camera is rather than asking questions about techniques or composition of the image you are about to shoot?  Of course without good equipment there is little...

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