Travel & Landscape Photography

My Perception Of The Perfect Hobby

Travelling to new destinations & sometimes repeated visits to older ones often fills me with great excitement. I have the privilege to take as many memories of these places home with me plus a wealth of experiences accumulated along the way through meeting numerous people, visiting events & experiencing different cultures.

Bavaria, South Germany

Fresh air, mountains, fairy-tale castles, great football, beer festivals, luxury cars & traditional folklore are just some of the highlights to be seen in Bavaria.


Two trips to Iceland, one in Summer, the latest in Winter, both with their own character, both unbelievably beautiful.


Amongst us landscape photographers is Scotland a country that is probably in the top 10 places on this planet you just have to have visited at some stage.

USA North West/South West

My second 3 week adventure to the USA encompassed the Oregon coast down to the Golden Gate bridge across to The Grand Tetons taking in Yellowstone before heading back to Seattle.

USA South West

Three weeks and over 5000 kilometers with a rental car from Las Vegas the classic south west circuit with great weather and awesome scenery.


The Sexten Dolomites are home to some of the worlds most dramatic mountain scenery with it’s spiked peaks, sheer cliff drops and a high density of narrow, deep, long valleys.

The Windmills Of Kinderdijk Elshout, Holland

Situated just 15 km east of Rotterdam, Holland’s largest concentration of windmills at Kinderdijk Elshout. 19 windmills in total drain a polder in the Alblasserwaard at the confluence of the Lek and Noord rivers.


Austria is a must see country not only from the photographic aspect. Traditions & cultural stand, a booming economy and sophisticated lifestyle, not to mention its amazing alpine scenery.


England wouldn’t be English without its rolling hills, rugged coastline and its vibrant history. Unfortunately most visitors don’t get past London which is a shame because the “real” England starts just outside its boundaries.


Did You Know?

The Nile with it’s 6671 Kilometer Length is the longest river on earth. The Amazon on the other hand had to do with second place with „just” 6438 Kilometers. An impressive world record is held by the south American Strom with the unbelievable mass of water that it transports: When it flows into the ocean on the Brazilian Atlantic coast a staggering 209.000 cubic meters of  Water flows per Second. It is no wonder that the tropical rain forest basin of the Amazon is one of the  wettest regions of the world.

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