“T” For Travel

It Isn’t Just About Photography

I became interested in photography through travel & not vice versus. Whether this makes a great deal of difference I can’t really say but for me personally it seemed to be the logical way to conserve memories of those adventures, encounters, locations & people that I have enjoyed along the way that I would like to share with others.

Day Trip To Brussels

Day Trip To Brussels 18 DECEMBER, 2013 Brussels I have to admit is not as bad as I thought. I had heard so many negative stories about racial terror, pickpockets, demonstrations, 70’s architecture and more besides but as I was working in Vilvoorde, north of the...

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The Mountains Have Called

The Mountains Have Called 18 DECEMBER, 2013 A trip to the Bavarian Alps was just what the doctor ordered. Very mild temperatures just before Christmas just couldn’t hold me back to stand “On Top of Germany” once again. As we moved to Munich eight...

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Oktoberfest Parade 2013

Oktoberfest Parade 2013 23 SEPTEMBER, 2013 Having lived in the Bavarian capital for a number of years now and of course experienced the yearly Oktoberfest celebrations at first hand on a number of occasions I thought it was about time to dust the camera down and...

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Bonnie Scotland 2013

Bonnie Scotland 2013 07 August, 2013 My third trip to Scotland was a real holiday as this time my wife had accompanied me meaning less photography and more relaxing in country hotels and B&B’s. Wasn’t easy as I still had a camera in the luggage but as...

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Amsterdam Venice Of The North

Amsterdam, “Venice Of The North” 21 MAY, 2013 What looked like a promising day as far as the weather was concerned turned out to be a little disappointing at the end. Despite this though I had a great day time touring the city with Maciek, a good colleague...

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Scotland, Here We Come

Scotland, Here We Come 17 May, 2013 I always get excited before I go on a trip even as with Scotland I know what to expect, or do I? If there is one thing I can say about this country then it is that no matter how often you go there it is different every time....

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In Romantic Bruges

In Romantic Bruges 13 MAY, 2013 In contrast to Venice or Amsterdam Bruges is an under estimated Belgian gem. The Medieval city has some beautiful architecture and a visually stunning canal system that meanders through and around the old city. The streets weren’t...

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A Week In Dubai, Day 1

A Week In Dubai, Day 1        It has been a couple of weeks now since returning from the United Arab Emirates, time enough to process some imagery and reflect upon an amazing fun packed week. Many of my friends and colleagues were surprised to hear that I as a...

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Almost A Month After Returning From USA.

      It has been a while since my last post I know but time just flies and after returning home from the States I have been busily trying to get my way through tons of footage that I shot over there. All in all I drove over 3000 miles doing the classic route from Las...

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