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Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy what you see & pop in once in a while in the future as my portfolio is an ever expanding collection of imagery & articles dedicated to the world as I see it at home & abroad.

My name is Doug Stevens, I am an English Digital Artist living for over 30 years in Germany working in advertising. I have travelled quite extensively in this time throughout Europe, almost always with a camera at hand but it wasn’t until I took on a job in Munich near the German Alps 12 years ago that I became almost obsessed with getting out at the weekends to shoot the beauty of the  Bavarian landscape with my first DSLR, the Nikon D100.

My fate has been sealed since then it seems & I would go anywhere finances permitting to pursue my passion to explore the beauty of our unique planet be it in remote locations or in the middle of a bustling city. I can’t imagine I shall ever get bored with this & hope in the coming years to keep you posted with more inspiring photography, Stay tuned & enjoy.


Galleries Galore

After more than 10 years of digital photography my portfolio of images has grown steadily into a wide variety of interesting galleries. The following are just a few to choose from.




Venice just has to be on everybodys bucket list of travel destination & if you ever visit in the summer then you will probably meet most of these people



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Often I go out locally into the fields & depending on the time of year I find some amazing imagery although I must admit I am pretty poor at recognizing exactly what I have in front of the lens. I just love the variety of plants & colours or just being outside. Poppies & Rapeseed fields are obligatory due to the colour intensity & the harvesting of crops always make for interesting shots as do numerous other subject matter.




I tend to have a love hate reationship with cities & London is no exception. I prefer quite, natural locations where I am generally the only intrusion on nature but there is also a pervaling fascination that lures me into large cities where there is no shortage of interesting photographic possibilities of course. I don’t stay long, normally a daytrip, quick in, quick out but somehow this seems to work quite well for me.



Our Furry Friends

Unfortunately we humans are capable of destroying everything that gets in our way to pursue our own future development even if it means sacrificing the fate of many species of our animal kingdom. As a nature lover I feel it is my duty where possible to capture the beauty & diversity of our wildlife for the enjoyment & security for future generations to come.



Autumn/Fall is for the landscape & Nature photographer probably the most exhilarating season of all presented with an explosion of natures most beautiful colours before the grey, cold Winter months sets in. Unfortunately this transformation is relatively short lived meaning that I do make a point of getting out more often into the crisp, frosty mornings to capture those beautiful colours & Squirrels searching for their nuts for Winter.



Some of the most beautiful coastline of North America is to be enjoyed on Roure 101 from Astoria, near Olympic National Park in the north, down to Brookings on the border to California & beyond.



Opinions of many whether to travel to the Arabian Emirates capital are as diverse as the city itself & all I can say is that I have visited twice now in the past 5 years & can’t wait to return. Dubai is a fascinating result of what we humans are capable of achieving technically, architecturally & culturally within a very short space of time.

Travel Journal

I have had the privilege to visit many interesting places & decided to write a little about those that have captured my imagination in recent years

Drop Me a Line

You the viewer are at the front end of my efforts & although I do try my best to keep things running as smoothly as possible there is always room for improvement. Suggestions to this end, further articles & constructive criticism regarding image content would be greatly appreciated.

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