Whoever takes a camera in the hand will always raise interest in others to be set in a scene, captured for eternity. The following gallery displays a mixture using studio techniques with little or no preparation plus some candid photography outside.




Belgian Pride

The Pride 4 Every1 offers everyone each year a day of complete freedom to be yourself: gay, lesbian, bi, trans, inter, queer or straight, & this in the heart of Europe.

Munich Oktoberfest

The largest folk & beer festival the world has ever seen takes place every year starting in the middle of September, ending on the first weekend of October & is a spectacular event full of good cheer, good beer & all the fun of the fair.




Hamburg Harbour Festival

This year was the 827th Hamburg Harbour Festival & the prognosis looked very positive what the weather was concerned & so at very short notice I took a couple of days off & ventured up North. It was well worth it.


Did You Know?

1 Million people bid to attend the men’s 100 meters final at the London Olympics in 2012 for only 40,000 available seats.

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