AUGUST, 2011

Since moving to Munich in 2006 I have commuted very often into town to take advantage of the many interesting sights & architectural icons. Munich has always been known as the “Village”, small, but cozy & chilled. The times are changing though & Munich is expanding constantly making way for more modern forms of architecture, office & apartment complexes.

The weather has been pretty crappy recently with everyone complaining that especially at the weekend the chances of getting out and about in the sun were near to impossible, this weekend being no exception. Yesterday started cloudy in the morning but I had this feeling of wanting to get out no matter what the weather had in store so I decided on a short trip into town with my Camera, hadn’t done this for a while.

Maximilianstrasse is where the Schickeria go shopping, here you will find everything you don’t need.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

As I arrived at Munichs most central point, Marienplatz I was actually welcomed by a touch of blue sky and the sun was doing its best to show its face through the cloud. Although I have probably taken photos of Marienplatz and its surroundings many times over the last six years I always find something new to fill my viewfinder with. After a few detail shots decided to make my way in the direction of Mamimilianstrasse, the exclusive and theatre quarter of  town. I was in luck, a couple of metres from the 5-Star Hotel Four Seasons (Vierjahreszeiten) I spotted this nice looking toy designed for the rich and famous. I’ve seen such sports cars often at car shows but to see one like this in front of a posh restaurant was for me the perfect photo opportunity. I took a number of shots from the opposite side of the street and then opted for risking a few closeups.

“I have been moved on many a time by security personel in airports, railway stations, shopping passages and office complexes.”

The Theatinekirche was built in Italian high-Baroque style, inspired by Sant’Andrea della Valle in Rome, designed by the Italian architect Agostino Barelli.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

I say risk because these days you have to be very careful in such areas because of invasion of privacy and security risks. Photos of the owner or numberplates are a no no especially if you want to publish in Internet. I have been moved on many a time by security personel in airports, railway stations, shopping passages and office complexes. The main reason being that they fear negative advertising but generally it’s due to worries of the photographer earning money from their pictures whereas the owners of such objects want to be in on the act. You need a Photographers permit and that costs money.

Not exactly the Arc de Triomphe in Paris but the Munich Siegestor is still worth a look on the Leopold/Ludwigstrasse.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

My next objective was to retake some shots of the interior of the Theatine church. The Theatine is a beautiful example of Italian Barock architecture, a church richly decorated in stucco as you can see from this QTVR found in Wikipedia: http://homepage.mac.com/wkaemena/FS/Muenchen/Theatinerkirche/index_swf.html

After 4 hours walking, stalking, aiming the lens at all possible picture opportunities I decided to call it a day with over 300 pictures on the chip, enough to keep me busy for the next couple of days.

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