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My attempts at capturing any form of animal are reduced to those that are present as I am in the vicinity & not through painstaking sitting it out. I also admit to shooting animals in a zoo occasionally although I am not really keen on the idea of caged animals for the pleasure of us humans. Unfortunately it is for many people like myself not possible to see a Siberian Tiger in their natural habitat. I must admit though that such animals couped up in their small spaces, pacing back & forth does make me contemplative.

Even worse than this though is the slaughter of many species through ruthless poachers & traders for profit. It breaks my heart when I see or hear how animals are so badly treated. Watching poachers shoot Elephants for their tusks or murdering a Cheetah for its fur seems so pointless to me especially with the ignorance to the fact that these are endangered species or will soon become one. Of course these people too have to earn money to feed their families but the point is that those that hunt don’t earn the big bucks but others in the cities in their air-condtioned homes & offices. Animals can’t speak for themselves, we have to speak & act for them. A good way to do this is to join an organisation like the World Wildlife Fund.


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The undisputed champion of mammalian evolutionary distinctiveness, duck-billed platypuses are the last living members of a family that originated 150 million years ago. The Australian egg-layers are so odd that some scientists have considered them reptiles.

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