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Bavaria is without a doubt one of the most picturesque areas in Germany with its close proximity to the Alps. About 8 years ago now I moved with my wife to the southern outskirts of Munich due to a new job & haven’t looked back since. The only negative point is the constant yo yo effect of the weather. In summer, temperatures often over 35°C & in the long winter months often around -10-15°C. I take the most pictures between Autumn & Spring when the air is clear & a broad variety of weather conditions occur. Unfortunately this is a bit of a lucky-dip situation as the weekends are often dull or rained out.

Although a trip into the mountains is always worth the effort I personally find the summer months to be less interesting due to intense heat & very often harsh light plus cloudless & hazy skies. If I do venture out then in the late afternoon when most people are returning to Munich. As all landscape toggers know, the light starts to get interesting later in the afternoon. The crowds diminish, the traffic too & if you’re lucky a couple of clouds turn up. But Bavaria isn’t just mountains, the landscape has a lot of variety as you will discover in my gallery.

Spread across the Eibsee, a view of Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze is quite breathtaking.


Did You Know?

Bavarians have often emphasized a separate national identity & considered themselves as “Bavarians” first, “Germans” second. This feeling started to develop more strongly amongst Bavarians as the Kingdom of Bavaria joined the Protestant Prussian-dominated German Empire while the Bavarian nationalists wanted to keep Bavaria as Catholic & an independent state.

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