AUGUST, 2013

My third trip to Scotland was a real holiday as this time my wife had accompanied me, meaning less photography & more relaxing in country hotels & B&B’s. It wasn’t easy as I still had a camera in the luggage, but as it turned out I managed to keep things balanced. Whilst I got some great shots in I still had enough time for my wife & some of that great Scottish hospitality.

And what a holiday it was! Been back 2 days now & haven’t really had time to sort through my new batch of Scotland pix or spare a thought even for reflecting on 2 weeks of great sightseeing & super weather due to being back at work. As we left Munich 2 weeks before the weather was terrible with massive flooding throughout the country due to record rain levels. A fortnight later we have African temperatures. Our climate is messed up if you ask me. I mean lets face it, who would believe you if you said that from 2 weeks holiday in Scotland it only rained for 1 day & once in the night? Exactly, nobody. It is strange, however, this did actually happen to my wife & I. No shit, this is a true story & not based on fiction.

This Highland Cow was a little cheeky as I pressed the release.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Arriving in Edinburgh we noticed a considerable difference in the temperature. As we left Munich it was raining & 15°C in Edinburgh at 23:30pm it was 17°C with a clear starry sky. Our first night was spent near the airport in a typical business hotel, without character but clean & relatively inexpensive.

“What I enjoy about travelling alone is that I can choose to do what I want when I want & not make any compromises whatsoever. What I enjoy about travelling with my wife is being able to share the experience, that too is worth a lotto me.”

The next morning I was awake at 7:30am because the sun was shining through the side of the curtains. I jumped out of bed, stuck my head between the curtains & was almost blinded. Blue sky, some white clouds here & there & most importantly, sunshine. Instantly I felt I was on holiday, my wife on the contrary wanted to sleep on but I left her no choice reminding her that breakfast was only served between 8:00am-10:00am. Of course being the typical female, she needs considerably more time in the bathroom than us men & it was indeed 9:30am before we took our places in the hotel restaurant ordering a cooked breakfast.

Rannoch Moor by early morning light. West Highlands of Scotland.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Black Rock Cottage at Buachaille Etive Mor. West Highlands of Scotland.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

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