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Zeil Galerie

Eiserner Steg

Deutsche Bank

Frankfurt Central Station

Frankfurt International Airport


Offenbach am Main



Frankfurt Cathedral


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I lived almost 15 years in the Frankfurt suburbs & met my wife there too so it can’t be that bad but Frankfurt itself just doesn’t belong on the bucket list of places to visit in one’s lifetime. It is well known for its financial center & skyline & is a super transit city with an airport that serves as the European hub for flights. World acclaimed is the Book Trade Fair as is the car trade fair IAA (International Automobile Ausstellung).

“For a small open economy that trades mostly with the euro zone it makes absolute sense to be part of the currency union. Our currency has already pegged to the euro since 2002. We don’t have an independent monetary policy. We are regulated by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, but we are not able to reap all the profits. Our businesses want to save the transaction costs.”

– Dalia Grybauskalte

“Although the frankfurter originated in Frankfurt, Germany, we have long since made it our own, a twin pillar of democracy along with Mom’s apple pie. In fact, now that Mom’s apple pie comes frozen & baked by somebody who isn’t Mom, the hot dog stands alone. What it symbolizes remains pure, even if what it contains does not.”

– William Zinsser


Did You Know?

During World War II, the city was bombarded heavily & lay in ruin. One of the casualties as far as buildings were concerned was the Opera house. It was nicknamed Germany’s Most Beautiful Ruin for decades until it was finally restored in 1981.

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