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Church of St. Nicholas

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Villa Richter

John Lennon Wall

Crawling Babies

National Theatre

Vltava Island

Church of Saint Salvator

Mlýn Huť

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Prague is witness to the most compelling transformation of “New” Europe. It’s easy to forget, just 20 years on, that Czechoslovakia emerged from the fall of the Iron Curtain with a once-jailed dissident as president, inspiring the world. Especially with Prague’s current appearance: modern software company offices, chic fashion boutiques, pretty model types – often with young, business types in tow – compressed into a peerlessly restored Medieval & Baroque architecture & cobbled lanes of the Old Town.

The compact city of 1.2 million inhabitants, divided by the picturesque Vltava river & linked by stone bridges has always been a town about opportunity – not always for the good, certainly. Soviet agents, German militants, Habsburg colonists & Iron Age Slavic hordes were all drawn to the Golden City. This bend in the north-flowing Vltava has, despite its long, gray winters, pulled in wanderers & tourists with unseen force.

“Eastern Europe has been really trendy. Prague is the best-preserved city in the region…. & the best beer in Europe lands on your table there for 50 cents.”

― Rick Steves (Travel author)

“The ancient splendor & beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade.”

― Richard Wagner (Componist)


Did You Know?

This is probably the Czech Republic’s best known claim to fame. The total consumption of beer – divided by every man, woman, grandparent & baby in the country is equivalent to 150 liters per year, or in other words almost half a liter daily, for every person. Unbelievable! But after tasting a foam-topped glass from the birthplace of Pilsner & understanding why beer is so popular here becomes more apparent. It’s also worth mentioning that on most menus beer is cheaper than a glass of water.

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