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Death Valley National Park

Stovepipe Wells

Furnace Creek

Zabriskie Point

Owen Lake

Badwater Basin

Panamint Valley

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

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Death Valley, world renowned for being the hottest, driest & lowest desert on Earth with its glowing sand dunes & snow capped mountains. 12,000 km² of geological fascination from over 3 million years in form of multi-coloured rock formations, salt flats, canyons & arid desert wasteland.

Despite the harsh environment nearly a million visitors each year make the 210 km road trip through the valley. I too wanted to try my luck & shoot some material of this rugged landscape. Being March the temperature was bearable but still around the 30°C mark. Especially from midday you need a hat, sun lotion & plenty of water. Before entering the Park I filled the tank with gas although their are a couple of gas stations in the park itself but you never know what can happen, for example when the filling station has no more gas for sale.

“An automobile trip through hell would certainly be a novelty. Such an excursion through Death Valley would be no less wonderful & much more comfortable. You may have this. If you are interested write to:”

– The Mining Advertising Agency, Greenwater, California


Did You Know?

More than 900 varieties of plants live in the Death Valley National Park. This is twice as many as the average botanical gardens facility; for the desert, this is quite extraordinary.

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