MAY, 2013

In contrast to Venice or Amsterdam Bruges is an underestimated gem. The Medieval city has some beautiful architecture & a visually stunning canal system that meanders throughout the ancient city. The streets weren’t so overcrowded making a tour through the cobbled streets along the tree lined canals a relaxed affair.

No trip to Belgium is complete so I have been told without visiting the town of Bruges. Along with Amsterdam Bruges is also a city that bears the name as “Venice of the North”. Then of course there is the film starring Colin Farrell, at this point it should become apparent that Belgium has more to offer  than chocolate, waffles & beer. Indeed this is the Belgium that I hoped to see & enjoy. Beautiful, clean, cobbled streets adorned with very well kept old houses. Romantic looking side streets with cafes & restaurants, plus a market square that leaves one breathless with admiration. It is of no surprise that the city is a World UNESCO Heritage site since 2000 & has a very important economic position in Belgium due to its port.

Where the Koningstraat crosses with the Spiegelrei I spotted this oldtimer on the bridge with a nice backdrop of the Jan van Eyck Square.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Most of the medieval architecture has remained intact at the center of town making it a joy to search for interesting angles from which to photograph. The city is steeped in history that I unfortunately don’t have much time for only being present for a short duration but for those interested in this exceptional city then read here further:


“A walk through Bruges in the evening shouldn’t be missed, the old world charm, the medieval architecture and the up market nightlife all add to a thoroughly enjoyable down to earth experience.”

As the evening draws in and the shadows get longer, the streets start to empty Bruges is at its best.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Romantic canals lined with opulent architecture & crossed by numerous stone bridges is a dream.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Just before the sun disappears it sheds its golden light on many of the old houses leaving others in dark shadow.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

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