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Take In My Most Recent Images As I Shoot & Release Them.

The idea behind Recent Work is to continually update you on the imagery that I am working on or have uploaded in recent weeks in one easily accessible spot.



Pic(k) Of The Week

Once A Week I Shall Post An Image That Particularly Appeals To Me.

Pic(k) of the week as the name suggests is an opportunity for me to share an image that I particularly favour from my now quite substantial portfolio.

Pic(k) Of The Week Archive

Here You Can Delve Through My Archive Of Pic(k) Of The Week Starting Way Back In September 2013.

After commencement of Pic(k) Of The Week in August 2009 quite a nice collection of imagery has evolved that I have now integrated into a portfolio of its own.




Did You Know?

Okay, so travel often means sitting for hours on end in a series of moving vehicles, but it also means lots of opportunities to force yourself to be active. When we travel, we want to try new things & see all there is to see, we spent money to get there, after all, so we’re more likely to attempt an extreme sport, walk the city streets much more than we would back home, or hike to get the best views of our surroundings. Even if you plan to stay all day at the beach, walking on sand will force your muscles to work twice as hard.

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