Panoramic England

Picturesque villages, endless stretches of rugged cliff lined coastline & beautiful countryside, that’s England at its best.

England has innumerable photographic possibilities with its rolling hills & rugged coastline giving plenty of scope for landscape & cityscape photographers alike, panoramas of course adding to these situations immensely.



Panoramic Scotland

What can I say? Scotland is wild, rugged, packed with history & culture always exhilarating to capture in wide format, especially in the Highlands.

Among us landscape photographers Scotland is a country that has to be in the top 10 places on this planet you just have to visit. I for one am mesmerized by the beauty of this region & try where I can to capture as much with panoramic imagery as possible.

Panoramic Germany

Germany is a very industrial economy but this doesn’t make it less interesting photographically speaking, on the contrary, Germany has many visual highlights spread across the whole country.

Living so long in Germany I have had countless opportunities to get out to visit many beautiful places & since living near the Bavarian Alps have tried to capture numerable locations in panorama format.



Panoramic Italy

I have visited Italy often in the past, less in recent years since taking photography more seriously admittedly but I have plans to visit more often in future to show just how beautiful & varied this country is.

Italy is a very popular country to visit of course & I love the mountainous region of South Tirol in the north as the Dolomites are perfect for rugged views in Panorama format. For cityscape panoramas Venice also has much to offer too.

Panoramic Iceland

Probably my favourite destination where I can really unwind & enjoy that precious feeling of freedom, united with the natural elements away from the ratrace concentrating on that what I enjoy most, capturing nature.

Two trips to Iceland, one in Summer, a second in Winter have inevitably given me two contrasting views of one of the most isolated corners of Europe, both trips were utterly amazing. Panorama photography is a must here with undisturbed landscapes wherever you are.

Panoramic Skyscapes

Most landscape photographers would agree that a landscape without clouds is only half a picture, I too find clouds to be a priority in my imagery & cannot get enough of those wide open vistas of fluffiness.

Cloudscapes are a source of endless inspiration for me. The great thing about clouds are their constant change of shape, size and colour making every shot a unique piece of art unto itself. Of course skies are the ideal subject for panoramic photography.

Panoramic USA

This continent has just about everything to offer that we landscape guys need for dramatic imagery. Photographic possibilities here are purely endless.

My first ever trip to the States. Three weeks and over 5000 kilometers with a rental car driving from Las Vegas through the classic south west circuit, so many sights with so many panoramic views, I wish I had taken many more, next time definitely.



Did You Know?

At an elevation of 3,343 metres (10,968 feet), Punta Penia, of the Marmolada range, is the tallest peak. The light grey rocks of the Dolomites are mostly sedimentary rock, such as limestone, as well as dolomite which is the reason for naming the mountains so.

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