Scotland 2009

My first trip ever to Scotland & I was so excited to see how life & the scenery differs up there in comparison to the far south of England where I come from.

As it turned out I was more than impressed. I thought Cornwall was wild & rugged but Scotland’s West coast is something else with islands & snow capped mountains, large lakes plus some stunning castles with dramatic history to match.



Scotland 2011

My second trip was to be a repeated trip to the West Highlands as I just enjoyed it so much the first time & there is so much to discover there.

My second visit to the Scottish Highlands were 2 months later this time in May, I wanted to see how it was to look in Spring with less snow, the first blooming meadows & leaves on the trees again. I wasn’t to be disappointed & enjoyed being back in my second home up North.

Scotland 2013

The Highlands of Scotland are developing into a habit it seems. This time I even convinced my wife to accompany me.

After showing off so many beautiful images of the Highlands & telling the matching tales I eventually twisted my wife’s arm to accompany me on a third trip to the Scottish Highlands plus a return journey to Edinburgh on the milder East side in June. It was stunning.




Did You Know?

Kilts, tartans and bagpipes aren’t Scottish inventions. Kilts originated in Ireland. Tartans were found in Bronze-age or Iron-age Central Europe (Hallstatt culture) and Central Asia (Tocharian culture). Bagpipes might also be an ancient invention from Central Asia.

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