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In March 2009 I made my first ever visit to Scotland & what a trip it was. Most of the people who were informed of my plans thought I was mad; “Scotland’s weather is bad even in Summer, why go in March, it’s still Winter” or similar. But it was exactly that what I was looking for, a mixed bag of weather, lots of chopping & changing light conditions, maybe even some snow. Well, I can tell you, I had everything that the weather could throw at me in those 2 weeks & I hope you enjoy the results as much I did taking the pictures & presenting them. I was so impressed that I returned in 2011 & once again in 2013. I think it was the whiskey that did it.

Scotland is a country I will surely visit a lot more often in the future hopefully. Why? Well Scotland has so much to offer. Being British, it feels like a piece of home. The language, the food & the people are what make it work for me. Scotland is steeped in history with many beautiful castles & country estates. The west coast has some fantastic coastline & of course there are the Hebridean Islands.

The Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye capped with snow in early March.

“I’m William Wallace & the rest of you will be spared. Go back to England & tell them… Scotland is free!”

– William Wallace

“Scotland & England may sometimes be rivals, but by geography, we are also neighbours. By history, allies. By economics, partners. And by fate & fortune, comrades, friends & family.”

– Douglas Alexander

“There’s something fundamentally wrong with a system where there’s been 17 years of a Tory Government & the people of Scotland have voted Socialist for 17 years. That hardly seems democratic.”

– Sean Connery

“In Scotland, beautiful as it is, it was always raining. Even when it wasn’t raining, it was about to rain, or had just rained. It’s a very angry sky.”

– Colin Hay

“I have no time for those who say there is no way Scotland could go it alone. I know first-hand the contribution Scotland & Scots make to Britain’s success – so for me there’s no question about whether Scotland could be an independent nation.”

– David Cameron, English Prime Minister

“I grew up in Scotland & everyone wore Barbour. It’s very practical; it’s very outdoorsy. It’s what the gamekeepers & the fishermen & the farmers would wear.”

– Sam Heughan

“I’m very fond of Glasgow, particularly the West End. The whole stretch of the west coast of Scotland from Loch Lomond up through Mallaig to the Kyle of Localsh is so beautiful.”

– John Niven


Did You Know?

The Highlands & Islands region of Scotland covers about 50% of Scotland’s landmass & has the wildest & most dramatic scenery. Towering peaks, cold deep lochs & windswept islands make this area unforgettable. There are almost 800 Scottish islands & only 130 are inhabited.

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