MAY, 2013

I always get excited before I go on a trip even as with Scotland I know what to expect, or do I? If there is one thing I can say about this country then it is that no matter how often you go there it is different every time.

Just another couple of weeks to go & I hope to be enjoying a well earned break in the Scottish Highlands for the first time ever with my wife. I am quite excited to be able to show her some of the gorgeous places that I have experienced on my last 2 photographic expeditions there. This will be our first holiday together for over 3 years as I have always been on the go as a photographer. My wife isn’t very adventurous when it comes to flying long distances & when I am spending most of my time taking pictures she gets bored.

Dramatic evening sky over the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye. Eigol, West Highlands, Scotland.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

“Waking up at 5:00am in a cold car, condensated windows with backache isn’t everybodys idea of holiday but that’s just it, what I do when I travel alone isn’t a relaxation holiday, it is if you like a working holiday. Hard work with little luxury but some very rewarding photographic experiences. There are exceptions though, on this trip for instance my wife is accompanying me so I shall see another side of Scotland, country hotels, B&B’s, a museum or botanical garden here and there plus a regulated diet. Sounds like holiday to me”

So, what does this tell me? Well it means this time will be spent taking less pictures & spending more time with her, after all WE are on holiday. BUT, the camera won’t be staying at home either. Yes, I’m addicted, I know. The thought of missing something unforgettable is a feeling that I don’t like, especially in a place that I can’t revisit so easily or so often. My wife understands this too because she gets to hear how pissed off I am when this happens & doesn’t want to be the reason for me missing such moments. Generally speaking though she is always impressed with the pictures afterwards. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of Scotland, for me it is one if not the most beautiful & interesting place I have been to at all.

A lot of people say to me, “yeah, I would love to see Scotland, if it wasn’t for the weather” & to be honest you do need a little luck, but you need this in Germany too or in Belgium from where I’m writing this at the moment. Of course if you come from Arizona or Cape Town you are used to different weather but probably because we Europeans know what crap weather is we tend to try and get to warmer, dryer climates & don’t want to sit in a hotel room all day or in the car when your out. I don’t like this either as I see it as a wasted day but sometimes it does enable me to get some really dramatic looking pictures, it just depends on the location & what exactly the weather is doing. I’m pretty confident though that she will like it there because she loves England too.

One of many pretty waterfalls along the West Highland route.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Cape Wrath lighthouse, the most north-westerly point on the British mainland was built in 1828 by Robert Stevenson and manned until 1998.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

Sligachan on the Isle of Skye is a popular point to climb the Cuillin hills.

Photograph by Douglas Stevens Photoviewz

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