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The Dolomites are something else. I have lived in southern Germany for just over 12 years now & thought that the mountains here in Bavaria & in Austria/Switzerland were impressive until I visited South Tyrol. These mountains are just unmistakably unique. I decided to rent a car for a couple of days & drove the 3-4 hours from Munich over Innsbruck into South Tirol over the Brenner Pass.

One thing I noticed on my first evening was that the light is somewhat different to that on the German side of the Alps. I have to admit that I probably live on the wrong side. Beggars can’t be choosers as they say. It has to be said that from a photographic aspect the Dolomites are unrivaled by anything else I have experienced up to now. The Three Peaks of Laveredo are probably the best known peaks in the Sexten Dolomites & this was the target of my trip for the following 4 days.

It was early Autumn & although beautiful weather prevailed over most of my stay, the evenings were pretty chilly as were the mornings at sunrise. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice freezing your wotsits off waiting for the sun to splash some colour & warmth onto the landscape. Hence I choose often to sleep in my car, then I just have to open the door, slip my shoes on & grab the camera. After the warm pastel mood diminishes I return to the car & enjoy my first coffee of the day. These moments are what it is all about.

Three Peaks National Park, South Tyrol, Italy.

“Each mountain in the Dolomites is like a piece of art”

– Reinhold Messner, Mountaineer

“After one visit, you’ll understand why we consider it Italy’s best kept secret.”

– Throne & Wine

“Self-confidence is the most valuable gift a man can possess, but it is not a gift freely granted. The blindly arrogant possess it least of all. To possess this true confidence, it is necessary to have learned to know oneself at moments when one was standing on the very frontier of things, times when one could even cast a glance over to the other side.”

– Charlie Boscoe, adventure writer

“The Dolomites are comprised of 18 peaks across an area of around 350,000 acres. Thanks to good lift systems, outdoor adventure in the Dolomites is available to every age & experience level.”

– Throne & Wine

“A fall here would not have been fatal, but by the time my via ferrata lanyards had deployed, I’d have been fairly battered & hanging above a very big drop. During times of war, soldiers moved around these ‘iron roads’ without any safety equipment at all, while simultaneously trying to avoid detection by the enemy—a truly terrifying prospect & one that put our fears in context.”

– Charlie Boscoe, adventure writer


Did You Know?

At an elevation of 3,343 metres (10,968 feet), Punta Penia, of the Marmolada range, is the tallest peak. The light grey rocks of the Dolomites are mostly sedimentary rock, such as limestone, as well as dolomite which is the reason for naming the mountains so.

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