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If we are honest nature is taken for granted very often, we know that it is there when we need it but other than enjoying the ‘Big Picture’ when we are outdoors few actually take the time & effort to explore a little closer individual plants or insects, at their microscopic pores & textures, translucence, smell or other fascinating details.

When you next go into a forest get down on your hands & knees & look closely at what you can see on the ground, you’ll be amazed at the diversity pine needles, twigs, mushrooms, leaves & countless small insects you’ll discover. If you are on the coast scouting between rocks at low-tide it is much the same story, cockles, mussels, small crabs, seaweed, various shells & much more is just waiting to be spotted.

Amazingly though, you don’t have to venture far to find nature, it is right there where you are, within the own four walls starting with pets & house plants, in the garden with flowers & shrubs or in the next field with trees & hedges. There is always something of interest if you have a little patience & get your eyes & mind focused. I as a photographer enjoy making ‘Big Pictures’ from small subjects to make ‘Big Impact’ especially for those that have never given much thought to the world in detail as I see it with a camera lens.


Did You Know?

The three biggest issues facing nature macro photographers in general are: Very shallow depth of field, stopped down aperture (increased DOF) resulting in reduced light (under exposure) & the slightest movement of the subject resulting in…disaster.

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