They say that most people visit preferably distant horizons rather than that what they have on their doorstep & I must admit I’m no exception although Austria is so near & so beautiful.

Austria is a must see country not only from the photographic aspect. Traditions & cultural stand, a booming economy & sophisticated lifestyle, not to mention its amazing alpine scenery.


Picturesque villages, endless stretches of rugged cliff lined coastline & beautiful countryside, that’s England at its best.

England wouldn’t be English without its rolling hills, rugged coastline & its vibrant history. Unfortunately most visitors don’t get past London which is a shame because the “real” England starts just outside its boundaries.




Situated in the heart of central Europe Germany is wealthy, multicultural, high tech & much more besides. Historically, very interesting & some of the most gorgeous scenery on offer anywhere.

Germany as a whole is an underestimated travel destination I feel. This country has much to offer in all regions. Numerous architectural highlights are waiting to be discovered throughout the country including castles, forts, rococo & baroque churches & monasteries, beautiful old medieval city centers, picturesque rivers such as the Rhein, Elbe, Danube & Isar, not forgetting the numerous expanses of wooded areas like the Black Forest or lakes like Bodensee on the border to Switzerland or Chiemsee in Bavaria. The southern part of the country with its alpine scenery is the breathtaking highlight for me personally.




Amsterdam & the beautiful windmills of Kinderdijk Elshout are my only experiences of Holland but this country has much to offer.

Situated just 15km east of Rotterdam, Holland’s largest concentration of windmills is to be found at Kinderdijk Elshout. 19 windmills in total drain a polder in the Alblasserwaard at the confluence of the Lek & Noord rivers.




An unforgettable photographic journey through some of the world’s most beautiful scenery on the outer edge of Europe.

Two trips to Iceland, one in Summer, the latest in Winter, both with their own character, both unbelievably beautiful have left a definite mark on me & my photographic portfolio. The island has become extremely popular in recent years due to European football success & the eruption of the Eyjafaljökull volcano in April 2010 making the island a travel favourite practically overnight. Since the economic crisis two years previously the island has made great efforts to cater for the increased tourism not necessarily in favour of the environment unfortunately. This is a negative development but that’s progress apparently.


Italy has masses of photographic possibilities & for me living near the Alps, South Tirol is one of those places that I just can’t get enough of.

I have actually seen a lot more of Italy than I can show here but as this website is dedicated to my Digital Photography from the past 10 years then I have to renounce from scanning 35mm transparencies & photographic prints showing Rome, Verona, Pisa, Milan or Florence in all their splendour. I am sure that at some stage I shall get to revisit the one or other of these beautiful cities. Venice for instance was such a revisit & it was amazing. The Dolomites are awesome with some of the worlds most amazing mountain scenery. Italy wouldn’t be Italian without a visit to the beautiful region of Tuscany with its rolling hills & villas surrounded by Cypress trees.


Scotland is for me a combination of England & Iceland due to its historical past & a wild, rugged beauty.

Among us landscape photographers is Scotland a country that just has to be in the top 10 places on this planet you have to visit. Although I have visited three times now I can’t say that I have seen a great deal of the country as I have spent most of my time in the Highland region on the west coast. I just can’t avoid all that rugged naturalness with its constantly changing weather thus ever changing light conditions.



USA North West

One of the world’s most scenic coastlines combined with dramatic volcanic landscapes is an absolute eye opener.

My second trip to the US was to be a direct contrast to the first one, this time I was off to Washington State landing in Seattle, picking up a rental car & then driving down the Oregon coast to San Francisco in California. From there I continued inland to Yosemite National Park, then eastwards to the Great Salt Lake Basin & Mormon capital Salt lake City. From there I continued northwards through Idaho into Wyoming to the Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. The next stage took me way back west towards Seattle with stopovers at Mount St. Helens National Monument & Mount Rainier National Park before heading back home.

USA South West

My first visit ever to America was to be a roadtrip through the sandstone paradise of the south west, a trip that blew my mind.

Three weeks & over 5000 kilometers with a rental car from Las Vegas along the classic south west route down to Hoover Dam & Horseshoe Bend with a short excursion on a part of Route 66 before taking a flight over the Grand Canyon. From there I continued eastwards to Monument Valley, then proceeding north to Canyonlands & Arches National Park. From there I made my way westwards taking in Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks before heading back down to Vegas via Valley of Fire State Park. Breathtaking scenery everywhere, bombastic weather & some nice acquaintances along the way made for a perfect holiday that I will never forget.




Did You Know?

At an elevation of 3,343 metres (10,968 feet), Punta Penia, of the Marmolada range, is the tallest peak in the Dolomites. The light grey rocks of the Dolomites are mostly sedimentary rock, such as limestone, as well as dolomite itself which is the reason for naming the mountain region so.

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