Is the volcanic island in the North Atlantic sacrificing its nature for cash?

Dubai, A City Built On Sand

The boom town of superlatives on the Persian Gulf.

Life After Death Valley

It’s dry, it’s hot, it’s barren & it’s stunningly beautiful.

Daily Life In Munich

Beer, boutiques BMW & Bayern Munich.

Hamburg Harbour Festival

The world’s largest marine festival on the River Elbe.

Lost In Venice

Four days of crowded streets & four nights of spiritual bliss.

Scotland The Brave

A nature paradise for all outdoor lovers & photographers alike.


Did You Know?

Many academical & creative people have noted their own experience of inspiration. They describe states of outward passivity in which the mind becomes receptive to information that they cannot ascribe to their own intelligence. The inspiration of the muse in poets, painters & musicians, when considered universally, resembles the experiences of mediums, channels & psychics.

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